The “Great Resignation:” How to Recruit and Retain Employees 2/23/22 (WBC)

How to Create a Winning Recruitment and Retention Program in Today’s Challenging Landscape….
Make the most of the Great Resignation. Every day, the news is filled with articles about the challenges employers are facing in attracting and retaining talented employees – let alone keeping them satisfied and engaged. While this is certainly true, it’s also true that people still need (and want!) to work. Savvy and forward-thinking employers will use creative and innovative strategies to appeal to today’s most talented workers – successfully combatting the Great Resignation and enabling their businesses to thrive. Join Fern Hernberg, Founder and President of Eagle HR, Inc., as she shares some of the very latest tips and tactics in the areas of recruitment and retention in today’s challenging labor market.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2022
4:00 pm-5:15 pm

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Speaker: Fern Hernberg

Meet Fern Hernberg

“I started Becky’s Pet Care in 1998 and, thanks to CBP’s expert and caring staff, now have a strong business with over 160 employees.

Becky O’Neil, President, Becky’s Pet Care, Springfield, VA
Community Business Partnership of Springfield, VA