COVID-19: How We’re Changing

We have been closely monitoring federal, state, and local updates about the coronavirus situation (COVID-19). With that said, the health and safety of our staff, clients, and the community is our top priority at this time. We would like to share some specifics about how CBP services are changing effective March 16th through April 10th:

All CBP Workshops & Events: Cancelled until April 10th

We are canceling all in-person workshops and events scheduled through Friday, April 10th and are pivoting to full time counseling.  In the meantime, clients can visit our online educational partner Ed2Go as an additional resource for your continued business knowledge:   Please continue to visit to check out the latest updates regarding workshops and classes after April 10th.

Our New Focus: Full Time Counseling until April 10th

We know that this sudden economic slowdown is affecting all small businesses and we’re here to help.  CBP has a 25 year history of counseling small business owners on their unique concerns.  Our staff and two dozen volunteers have expertise that can be helpful during this slowdown.

All CBP staff are now pivoting to provide full time and virtual in-person counseling. This will ensure we have adequate resources to serve many more small businesses without contributing to the spread of the pandemic.

If you are seeking knowledge and counseling for your pressing needs, please sign up for assistance here:

“Those who know, do. Those that
understand, teach.”

Community Business Partnership of Springfield, VA