Holiday self-care tips for women business owners

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year when self-care is forgotten. Most often, women business owners bear the brunt of managing home holiday traditions in addition to keeping their business in top shape. As much as they need to prepare the home and make the family feel festive and special, they still have to handle all their business needs to ensure seamless operations. The Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia understands and offers the following tips so these amazing entrepreneurs can take care of themselves while preparing for the holiday season.

Rethinking holiday traditions

We understand the importance of traditions, but tweaking holiday rituals slightly can go a long way. Chances are, before you started your business, you had dozens of little traditions that celebrated your bond with your family. However, with the added responsibilities of a business, it makes sense to rethink certain traditions that take up too much time or effort. Do you really need to bake 3 pies? Does the menu require 6 side dishes? Consider that a luxury that you simply can no longer provide. If your regular guests miss something in particular, they can bring it!  Overwhelming yourself to complete each and every tradition can be stressful and let’s be real, the last two years have been stressful enough! P.S. Don’t forget to delegate the cleanup.

Balance your needs to align with the future

As a woman in business, we are sure you have set realistic goals such as a robust 5-year plan that you want to achieve in the prescribed time frame. In such a situation, taking time off or focusing solely on the holiday season can be a scary thought. We urge you to do the following to help with your mental health:

  1.     Ensure you have 30 minutes of ‘me time’ every morning and evening.
  2.     Do not overbook your time off with coffee dates or parties. TIP: schedule in-person meetings first thing in the morning or at end of day. Don’t let lunch meetings interfere with your momentum.
  3.     If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, ask friends and family for help.
  4.     Communicate your needs and expectations with those closest to you.
  5.     Stay motivated.  

Remember, it is only when you are stress-free and happy that you can focus on future business goals and objectives.

How to manage your time

Did you know time management and self-care are linked? It is only when you manage your time effectively that you can enjoy the perks of self-care.

Time management can be key during the holiday season if you plan and prioritize early enough. Make your lists, compile recipes, plan a day to put up decorations and wrapping presents—these are just some of the ways you can ensure all your holiday tasks are completed in time.

As mentioned previously, do not overwhelm yourself with umpteen holiday traditions. Instead, ask friends and family members to contribute and help. A great holiday season is only possible through team effort and recruiting family members to run errands or provide food should be encouraged.

Celebrate yourself

Finally, celebrate yourself and your accomplishments! It’s not easy being an entrepreneur and also managing the home front, especially during the holiday season. Investing in yourself through self-care can rejuvenate you. And remember, you deserve it!

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