Al Page

Currently Al is responsible for doing outreach messaging and presentation to industry, association, and tax pro partners regarding resources, guidance, authoritative information available at IRS. During his first 13 of 15 years with IRS he served as a Tax Law Specialist in Exempt Org (EO). He is classified as a SME in Tax Exempt Org, specifically 501(c)(7) and Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT).  He also served as a legacy core member of the UBIT Knowledge Management (K-Net) team. He developed and co-presented many training modules for the K-Net. He also assisted agents with field issues via the K-Net’s Ask A Question (AAQ) feature and presentations regarding EO UBIT and other technical issues.  As a member of the then former Rulings & Agreement he prepared many recommendations for a variety of tax-exempt applications and was the primary initiator on several Private Letter Rulings, Technical Assistance Memorandum (TAM’s) and Technical Assistance (TA’s) requests.  He also prepared a training manual for the field for Change in Accounting Method and Change in Accounting Periods for EO’s.  He detailed in Customer Education & Outreach (now Communications & Liaison) and helped create many of the phone forums for the EO Tax Pro community and Revenue field agents.

He served as a full-time and an Adjunct Accounting and Para-legal Professor for over 27 years at various colleges in MD.  He also served in various accounting and tax mgmt. and executive positions in non-profits and private financial industries.  He’s a CPA with the State of Maryland and litigated a variety of legal and tax issues. He has a JD and Master of Science in Finance from University of Baltimore and a BS in accounting from Towson University.

Company: IRS
“Those who know, do. Those that
understand, teach.”

Community Business Partnership of Springfield, VA