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September 2020

WBC Franchise Ownership 101+work-from-home franchises! 9/23/20-Free (Webinar)

Heather Rosen
What does it take to be a successful franchise owner in the DC Metro area? Whether you are interested in franchising as a full-tim..
Wednesday, September 23, 2020
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

October 2020

WBC Registering Your Business (WEBINAR) 10/13/20

Rebecca Geller
THIS IS NOW A WEBINAR: Led by an Attorney – Registering Your Business walks you through forms that are needed, ‘links&..
Tuesday, October 13, 2020
5:00 pm-6:15 pm

COST: $0

WBC Cybersecurity for Small Business (WEBINAR) 10/14/20

Rosario Méndez
Cybersecurity for Small Business: FTC Resources to help you keep your business data safe. Learn the basics for protecting your bus..
Wednesday, October 14, 2020
10:00 am-11:00 am

COST: $0

WBC Scams Targeting Small Business (WEBINAR) 10/27/20

Rosario Méndez
Scams targeting small business: How to spot and avoid them. As a small business owner, you have a lot on your mind. You can’t af..
Tuesday, October 27, 2020
3:00 pm-4:00 pm

COST: $0

WBC Local Library Business Research…Yea, They Got That! 10/28/20 (Webinar)

Vladimir Shutov
Local Library Business Research: Are you missing out? A free library card opens access to dozens of premium information resources ..
Wednesday, October 28, 2020
4:00 pm-5:00 pm

COST: No Cost

November 2020

WBC Ciberseguridad para Pequeños Negocios (WEBINAR) 11/10/20

Rosario Méndez
Ciberseguridad para Pequeños Negocios: Recursos de la Comisión Federal de Comercio para ayudarte a proteger tu negocio. Los crim..
Tuesday, November 10, 2020
10:00 am-11:00 am

COST: $0

December 2020

WBC Quickbooks I (ONLINE) 12/9/20

Bob LeMay
Introduction to QuickBooks I Online for PC’s and Accounting Fundamentals which, includes but not limited to: • You will le..
Wednesday, December 9, 2020
9:00 am-5:00 pm

COST: $115

“I started Becky’s Pet Care in 1998 and, thanks to CBP’s expert and caring staff, now have a strong business with over 160 employees.

Becky O’Neil, President, Becky’s Pet Care, Springfield, VA
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Community Business Partnership of Springfield, VA