Tiffany Kao

Tiffany Kao is a seasoned entrepreneur, CPA and business consultant with a wealth of experience in the fields of accounting and finance. She is the founder of August 88, a personal consultancy focused on addressing the unique and complex challenges faced by fast-growing small businesses. She is also the creator of The Self-Made Entrepreneur, an educational company designed to empower emerging and growth-minded entrepreneurs with the skills they need to achieve business success.

Tiffany began her professional journey as a financial auditor at Deloitte, one of the world’s leading professional services firms. She eventually transitioned into corporate accounting, steadily climbing the career ladder until she decided to venture out on her own. Over an eight-year period, Tiffany founded and grew an outsourced accounting firm that serviced businesses ranging from startups to those generating $15 million in revenue. Her company was successfully acquired in 2020.

Following the acquisition, Tiffany launched August 88 to continue her work in consultancy. Here, she leverages her expertise in business accounting and finance to help business owners navigate the intricate operational challenges of rapidly expanding companies.

However, Tiffany’s true calling lies in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. She is a strong advocate for education, holding the belief that knowledge is power and execution is key to success. Through The Self-Made Entrepreneur, she is on a mission to create invaluable educational content, workshops, and courses to assist business owners at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey.


Company: August 88
Phone: 202-888-1835
“Those who know, do. Those that
understand, teach.”

Community Business Partnership of Springfield, VA