Celebrate Entrepreneurship through Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week by supporting minority and/or women-owned businesses

As we enter Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week, we celebrate women-owned businesses that are aligned with shared values of equality and unity. Create and raise awareness for disadvantaged business owners by supporting their businesses and the products that they create. Here is how you can support minority and/or woman-owned businesses.

Do your research

Research supporting businesses and business owners in your community that are aligned with your values. Ultimately these businesses should be female-owned and -operated and employ people from disadvantaged communities;, however, you can also research businesses that support or donate a portion of their proceeds to female organizations and minority/black-owned businesses. Purchase products from these businesses or use their services as often as you can to show your support.

Use social media to spread the word

Aside from financial assistance, there are alternative and additional methods of promotion you can utilize to help businesses. You can leave a positive review of the business on their website or on Google to help the business to establish trust in their products or services. Sharing your experience with others on social media can also help to introduce companies to the community and spread the word about their business. You can also tag your favorite black-owned or female-owned business in a social media post when you make a purchase.

Start your own business for women and minorities

Create a business that supports females and minorities. You can open up your own startup business or align your current business with values that support women and minority groups. Hire more people of color and women, attend workshops and continue to educate yourself and your employees on the importance of equality and inclusion of females and minority groups in entrepreneurship roles. 

The Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia at Community Business Partnership embodies the values of Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week. We are committed to assisting women, minorities, and disadvantaged groups with training and assistance to help them to grow their businesses. If you are thinking of starting a business or have a business that has been operating for less than two years, you can sign up for a free business session with a WBC expert Counselor here: https://wbcnova.centerdynamics.com/reg.aspx?mode=counsel&center=65010&subloc=0

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