Knowing When Hiring Employees is Critical for Women Business Owners

Women business owners can face unique challenges. Knowing when to ask for help or build capacity is essential. Sometimes your current workforce is not enough and you need to hire. Hiring employees can get your business off the ground or to boost your sales. Here is when you know it is time to start employees for your business.

When to hire employees for your women-owned business 

1. You’re bogged down by administrative work

Non-essential tasks can take up a lot of time that can be spent elsewhere. Administrative duties are important but they can be tedious and take up time that you can use on marketing or boosting your sales. Hiring additional workers can alleviate items from your plate for you to work on higher impact projects. Temporary workers will help you to do basic office administration like answering calls or keeping your filing system updated so you can focus on other spaces of your business.  

2. Your customers are not receiving the level of service you would like

Haven’t had time to answer customer queries or update your social media channels? You risk giving your business a bad reputation. Consider hiring customer service help to address customer complaints, oversee social media channels and/or clean up your Google review page. All of this can help your business to grow.

3. Your team is overworked

Is your team doing jobs that aren’t under their job description? While it is good to expand their skill set, giving them a workload they cannot handle or don’t have time to handle will do your business more harm than good. If your staff is stressed, not receiving adequate time off or you have to call them after hours, it may be time to hire.

Keep in mind it is essential to understand the difference between an independent contractor or employee!  See IRS page Independent Contractor (Self-Employed) or Employee?

Hiring and training staff can be a really challenging stage of the business but can be critically important. The Women’s Business Center training may be able to provide assistance. Sign up for WBC webinar “Understanding Contractor vs Employee Classification” and other upcoming topics at 

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