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Celebrate Entrepreneurship through Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week by supporting minority and/or women-owned businesses

As we enter Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week, we celebrate women-owned businesses that are aligned with shared values of equality and unity. Create and raise awareness for disadvantaged business owners by supporting their businesses and the products that they create. Here is how you can support minority and/or woman-owned businesses.

Do your research

Research supporting businesses and business owners in your community that are aligned with your values. Ultimately these businesses should be female-owned and -operated and employ people from disadvantaged communities;, however, you can also research businesses that support or donate a portion of their proceeds to female organizations and minority/black-owned businesses. Purchase products from these businesses or use their services as often as you can to show your support.

Use social media to spread the word

Aside from financial assistance, there are alternative and additional methods of promotion you can utilize to help businesses. You can leave a positive review of the business on their website or on Google to help the business to establish trust in their products or services. Sharing your experience with others on social media can also help to introduce companies to the community and spread the word about their business. You can also tag your favorite black-owned or female-owned business in a social media post when you make a purchase.

Start your own business for women and minorities

Create a business that supports females and minorities. You can open up your own startup business or align your current business with values that support women and minority groups. Hire more people of color and women, attend workshops and continue to educate yourself and your employees on the importance of equality and inclusion of females and minority groups in entrepreneurship roles. 

The Women’s Business Center of Northern Virginia at Community Business Partnership embodies the values of Black History Month and Entrepreneurship Week. We are committed to assisting women, minorities, and disadvantaged groups with training and assistance to help them to grow their businesses. If you are thinking of starting a business or have a business that has been operating for less than two years, you can sign up for a free business session with a WBC expert Counselor here:

Celebrate entrepreneurship and women-owned businesses by contacting us today!


At CBP’s Business Finance Center, we make a difference in people’s lives by lending to promising small businesses that are unable to secure financing through traditional means.  Our goal: to help small businesses become credit worthy so that they can create sustainable income and jobs.  Our target markets are traditionally underserved Black, Latino, and Asian small businesses as well as low income communities!

We not only provide financing but we also share knowledge though the Community Business Partnership family of business assistance providers.  We require lending clients to attend informative webinars and regular counseling sessions to help them become even better business owners.

Check out our loan programs below to learn more about how we can help your business and community!

Celebrate Women’s History Month by learning more about these 5 women-owned businesses

As we begin Women’s History Month, we reflect on women-owned businesses around the world. Join us as we commemorate and highlight some of the top women-owned businesses in the United States. Here are 5 women-owned businesses that have earned notable success. 

  • BET 

 Black Entertainment Television (BET) was the first African American-controlled cable network. The popular network was started up in 1979 when a remarkable woman named Sheila Johnson helped to fund the cable network. Sheila used the money which she earned herself through teaching music lessons during her lifetime. She later became the VP of Corporate Affairs and serves as a board member of the company. 

  • The Body Shop

The Body Shop is known for its eco-friendly and animal-friendly body care products. It was created in 1976 by Anita Roddick in England.  Anita had the vision to create body care that doesn’t harm the environment, animals and is gentle enough for our skin too. She turned her vision into a success and promoted ethical consumer purchases globally. Today there are more than 45 Body Shop stores around the world with millions of products being sold on online stores annually.

  • Build-A-Bear

Maxine Clark had an idea to allow children to create unique stuffed animals in 1997. 

Today there are over 400 Build-A-Bear stores around the world. The workshop is one-of-a-kind and inspires kids to use their imagination and creativity in everyday life. 


Sara Blakely was one of the youngest self-made billionaires after creating the brand known as SPANX – a bodywear shapewear for women. Sara created the brand following an idea after snipping a pair of pantyhose to use under her pants. Her idea created a chain of stores that today have over 200 products and are used by celebrities such as Michelle Obama. Apart from creating the successful clothing range, Sara donates half her profits to charitable causes.

  • Cisco 

Cisco, the networking product company responsible for a multi-network exchange, was founded by Sandy Lerner. Sandy alongside her then-husband Len Bosack developed the router that earned more than $1.5 million in sales in the first years of development. Today Cisco is valued at more than $220 billion.

There are so many notable women-owned businesses and you could be the entrepreneur that starts the next one. The Women’s Business Center helps to serve potential and existing small business owners including women, veterans, and minorities to earn success.   

Contact us today for more info on starting up your own business or to assist women-owned businesses!

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