Tips for Dealing With Imposter Syndrome

Women in leadership positions (any position really) can experience imposter syndrome at some point. Here are some tips for dealing with imposter syndrome so you can be the best female entrepreneur you can be. 

It Is a Sign

Though feelings and emotions tied to imposter syndrome can be difficult, they can be a sign!  A sign that you care and this is critically important in influencing others and running a business! 

Check out more at Inc. article “3 Reasons Imposter Syndrome is Actually a Professional Superpower” those reasons include how the syndrome “…signals ambition and competence” 

Acknowledge Your Feelings and Have Empathy

Imposter syndrome happens to all of us at some point. Even Michelle Obama experienced it in her career. If you find yourself having thoughts like you aren’t qualified to run a business, acknowledge your feelings and then show yourself empathy. It’s okay to feel that way, especially if you’re a woman of color as your career path is often harder. Once you acknowledge your feelings, you can work through them effectively. 

Network With Other Female Entrepreneurs

Foster a good support system. Network with other female entrepreneurs, women and business owners who inspire you to remind you of how strong and resilient you are. Your support system will help you realize that you are not alone. These should be a network of women who will motivate you during your toughest day.

Let Go of Perfection

Are you a perfectionist? Do you have a standard for how you’d like things to always be? Consider letting go of perfectionism or impossibly high expectations. Remember you and your business deserve success. Don’t let imposter syndrome hold you back from being the best entrepreneur you can be. 

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