Brace for the holidays now! Navigating the demands of the holiday season as a female entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is a tough job. Expectations from their business and personal lives during the holiday season are especially high for female entrepreneurs. Don’t wait until it’s too late to start planning your holiday schedule. Here are some tips to navigate the demands of the holiday season. 

How to Navigate through the Holidays as a Female Entrepreneur 

  • Plan in Advance – Summer is not too early!

If you have an employee or contractor who can help cover for you in your absence, lock in a commitment now. Think about what you really need. Do you just need someone to pick up mail? Take phone calls? Or actually work in person? Don’t spend unnecessarily on support, especially if business is likely to be slower.

  • Schedule some time off

If your company is taking time off for the holiday, so should you. Plan leave days for yourself and your staff ahead of schedule. Some companies don’t close for the holidays. If this is your company, create a leave schedule around the business needs and seasonal celebrations. If some staff don’t have plans for Christmas Eve, for example, they can swap out days with staff who do. Don’t forget to let your customers and clients know you’re on leave well in advance.

  • Send holiday cards

Skip the shopping queues and send your clients and partners holiday cards for the season. There are plenty of online websites that let you choose a card design and physically post them for you. Your staff and client base will appreciate the thoughtful gesture and you don’t have to spend hours shopping for gifts.

  • Start decorating early 

Don’t wait until the last minute and feel rushed to start buying decorations. Buying items before Halloween can save you a lot of time and money. Get seasonal decorations for your work or home out of the way especially if you know you are going to have a busy month ahead.

  • Build in self-care

Holidays can be stressful especially if you have to focus on your business and family. Take a self-care time to just focus on yourself even if that is 5 minutes a day. Journal, meditate, go to a spa, watch a movie or just stay in bed. Remember, things can’t run if you are not refreshed and rested so have a self-care plan

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